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The card must be connected to a computer host through the interface RS232. The cordon of connection is equipped with two females DB9 connectors wired in the following way:

One can find it in the business used for serial file downloading between 2 computers.

On a PC, one can use " Terminal " application of Windows or equivalent.

On a MAC, one can use " communication " application of AppleWorks or amount.

In both cases, connection must be initialized in 9600 bits by second with 8 bits of data, 1 bit of stop, without parity and any control of stream.

The size of the screen must be fixed to 80 columns and function " automatic return in the line " must be activated.

If all is OK, here is what must be shown after power up of the card:

This window corresponds to an application of Terminal VT52 emulation with my system.

Type " VLIST " command as listing of the vocabulary and you will obtain this:

" VLIST " command lists the vocabulary by beginning with the last seized instruction and end by the first. Another command, " DLIST ", lists the vocabulary in the alphabetical order of instructions. This command exploits in fact the table of the dictionary description of which is given in the page"Vocabulary and memory". Here is the result of the execution of the " DLIST " command:

Here is maintaining a demonstration of the interpreter / compiler FORTH with the seizure of instructions described in the page dedicated in"Real-time kernel". This allows to discover " TLIST " command listing tasks administered by the system:

The first utility to be compiled is telechar.txt which allows to download the software packages of this site as well as those that you will develop. It is enough to open it with a text editor (" NotePad " on PC or " SimpleText " on MAC), to selec everything, to copy and paste in the window "Terminal".USELESS from the version 2.01 of the ROM software because instruction " TELECHARGEMENT" is integrated. Programs, written under files .txt, should all have to possess a line situated in the beginning with the instruction "TELECHARGEMENT". The same procedure will allow their compilation.

To download an autonomous application:

Your application must be at firs finalized and possess an instruction of initialization to be necessarily the last one of the program (in the last compiled file if there are some of it). Software resident will execute automatically this instruction as soon as the contents of the EEPROM will be downloaded in the RAM after the power up of the card.

It is enough then to compile the file eeprom.txt and to be allowed drive by the progress. The recognized EEPROMS are 24C32 , 24C64 , 24C128, 24C256 and 24C512.

If you discover an abnormality, please indicate it to me by sending a message with the maximum of details and especially the procedure allowing to put in evidence problem and send to the mailing list.