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Specific instructions

Here is the description of the instructions that are bound at your choice by the FORTH mini-system and that concern so mainly interfaces. You can also open the page dedicated to the detailed description of all the instructions of the FORTH kernel. For those that are create in various software packages application software, files contain this description in their comments.


Address of the table of the processor 68000 vectors

- 68681_MRA address

- 68681_SRA address

- 68681_CRA address

- 68681_RHRA address

- 68681_ACR address

- 68681_ISR address

- 68681_CTU address

- 68681_CTL address

- 68681_MRB address

- 68681_SRB address

- 68681_CRB address

- 68681_RHRB address

- 68681_IVR address

- 68681_IPR address

- 68681_SOPBC address

- 68681_ROPBC address

Send various registers (bytes) of chip 68681

- 68681_IT address

Address of the interruption program of chip 68681

- 68681_IT+ address

Address of the vector allowing to complete the interruption program of chip 68681

- 68681_TABLE address

Address of a translation table for programming of the serial link transfert speed of chip 68681

- 68681_INIT -

Initialization of chip 68681

- COPIE_IMR address

Internal variable reserved for the instructions of management of chip 68681

- RS232_RECEIVE_FILE address

Row of reception of the serial link A of chip 68681

- RS232_TRANSMIT_FILE address

Row of broadcast of serial link A of chip 68681

speed,nbbits,nbstop,parity,rts/cts RS232_INIT -

Initialization for the serial link A of chip 68681:
speed in number of bits by second (all the speeds normalized between 50 and 19200 bauds),
nbbits included among 5 and 8 ,
nbstop included among 1 and 2 ,
parity: 0 without, 1 forced to "0 ", 2 odd, 3 pair, 4 forced to "1 ",
rts/cts activated so different from "0"

byte RS232_EMET -

Broadcast of a byte on the serial link A of chip 68681

- RS232_RECOIT byte

Reception of a byte from the serial link A of chip 68681

- I2C_OCCUPE address

Internal variable reserved for the instructions of management of the link I2C


Sending of the condition " START " in the link I2C
ATTENTION : The real-time kernel will be congealed until the sending of the condition "STOP"

value to be written,nbbits I2C_ECHANGE_BITS read value

Exchange of bits (1 - 32) on the link I2C
This instruction writes every bit by leaving of the most significant bit (according to the number of bits) and send back present value when SCL is for high level. To read a value, it is enough to put all the bits in "1"

- I2C_STOP -

Sending of the condition "STOP" in the link I2C

- T_RS232_CONNECTE address

Task making connection enters serial A of the 68681 and the input/output of the interpreter FORTH (instructions " KEY ", " INKEY ", " KEYBOARD " and "EMIT")

- T_VOYANT address

Task managing the blinking of the board seeing (250 ms lit and 250 ms switches off)