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FORTH Kernel

First software is obviously code for FPGA ROM followed by the code intended for the Mini-Control card FLASH memory. I supply these under shape of ".bin" so that they are most basic possible :

Detailed description of all the instructions of the FORTH kernel
 Binary file
16 bits core 32 bits core
FPGA ROM for FLASH memory version 1.50 (16 bits) and 1.00 (32 bits) downloading by protocol XMODEM
v150_xmodem.bin v100_xmdm32.bin
FLASH memory of the Mini-controls card version 3.40 with integrated file system management.
v340_telec.bin v340_tlc32.bin
 FORTH windows version 3.30 (server version 1.80), calculator version 1.50, memory edition version 1.70, tex editor version 2.10 and XMODEM monitor version 1.20.

Some images to decorate the screen background.



Script of FLASH file system initialization version 1.00.
Starting up program for RS232 link control version 0.10.
Starting up program fwith graphic user interface version 0.80.
Starting up program fwith graphic user interface controled by RS232 link version 2.00.

The software installation requires to follow the following procedure:

  • Downloading of the code of the memory FLASH "vXXX_telec.bin" by protocol XMODEM ("vXXX_tlc32.bin" for the 32 bits FPGA version),
  • File system format and of basic software packages installation with "init_flash.txt", this program asks then to send files "vXXX_vYYY_lance.bin" or "vXXX_vYYY_lnc32.bin" then "lance_nnn.txt" by protocol XMODEM. "VXXX_vYYY_lance.bin" is a basic code extension for 16 bits FPGA, i must be stored in ". / BINAIRES / LANCE.BIN" of file system. briques0jpb.forth"VXXX_vYYY_lnc32.bin" is a basic code extension for 32 bits FPGA, i must be stored in ". / BINAIRES / LNC32.BIN" of file system. "Lance_nnn.txt" is the card starting up program, it must be stored in ". /LANCE".

One can choose between 3 starting up programs:

  • " lance_rs232.txt " allowing the use of the card in its basic version by having a dialogue by the RS232 link. Graphic routines are not used in this mode.
  • " lance_vga.txt " specialized for FBROTON's emulator.
  • " lance_rs232_vga.txt " allowing to drive graphic mode by RS232 link on the card.

Terminal applications

Brief description
memoire.txt 1.01 jpb.forth   Utility for display the contents of the memory. Instruction "DUMP" allows to show in hexadecimal and in ASCII a list of bytes of which you clarify the address of the beginning and the number.
g_taches.txt 2.00 jpb.forth   Tools for control of the real-time kernel. Instruction "OLIST" allows to show the rate of activity of the processor during the last 20 seconds. Instruction "PERF" shows permanently the rate of activity all the seconds.
gif.txt 1.30 jpb.forth   An experimental software of images creation in the standard gif ( gif89a ). An example of image is visible by selecting image6.gif. An example of mathematical curve is visible by selecting courbe3.gif. An example of animation in black and white is visible by selecting bruit5.gif.
Fpga.txt 1.00 fbroton   Demonstration for VGA and SVGA screens according to TRON.
test_vga.txt 1.20 jpb.forth  Demonstration for VGA screen with use of the real-time kernel.
asmcoeur.txt 1.40 jpb.forth  Assembler and simulator for FORTH core basic operation codes.
John's French F21 FPGA Chapter ... Roman Pavlyuk A web site with several software packages to use the FORTH core as Ultra Technology's F21
testsimu.txt 2.00 jpb.forth  Simulated interfaces test for graphic emulators.
voltmetre.txt 0.10 jpb.forth  Digital voltmeter to use with graphic emulators.
biquad.txt 1.00 jpb.forth  Numerical fltering appilication to use with graphic emulators.
asmcoeur32.txt 1.00 jpb.forth  Assembler and simulator for 32 bits FORTH core basic operation codes.
pendulette.txt 1.00 jpb.forth Digital clock to use with graphic emulators.

asmmicro.txt1.00jpb.forth Assembler for MICROCHIP 16 bits processors basic operation codes pour for the FORTH micro system.


Brief description
ports_A_B.txt 0.20 jpb.forth  Ports A and B driver to use with graphic emulators.
analogique.txt 0.10 jpb.forth  Analogical input output driver to use with graphic emulators.
moteur_pap.txt 1.00 jpb.forth  Step by step motor driver to use with graphic emulators.
barre_graphe.txt 1.00 jpb.forth  Bar graph driver to use with graphic emulators.
petit_clavier.txt 0.10 jpb.forth  Keyboard driver to use with graphic emulators.
7_segments.txt 0.10 jpb.forth  7 segments display driver to use with graphic emulators.
matriciels.txt 0.10 jpb.forth  Matric display driver to use with graphic emulators.
can_A_B.txt0.10jpb.forth CAN buses driver to use with graphic emulators.
sequenceur.txt 1.00 jpb.forth Real time sequencer driver described in the corresponding technical page.

Windows applications

Brief description
tetris.txt 2.00 jpb.forth 

TETRIS game.

palette.txt 1.60 jpb.forth 

Display of colours PALETTE.

demograf.txt 2.00 jpb.forth 

Demonstration with graphic animation.

demo3d.txt 2.00 jpb.forth 

Demonstration with 3D animation.

pacman.txt 2.00 jpb.forth 

PACMAN game.

cartes.txt 1.50 jpb.forth 

Card games:
the classical SOLITARIUS,
most complex SUCCESS.

perfgraf.txt 2.00 jpb.forth 

FORTH core resources graphic displaying in real time.

musique.txt 1.00 jpb.forth 

A small musical application.

demineur.txt 1.50 jpb.forth 



2.00 jpb.forth 

The game MAHJONG.

briques.txt 2.00 jpb.forth A Cass-BRICKS.

courbe.txt 1.00 jpb.forth A displayer of curves that the format is described here.

fft.txt 0.10 jpb.forth A Fourier transform application software presented here.

perf_vga.txt 1.00 jpb.forth An application of the graphic performances measure and adjustment of the emulator parameters.

economiseur.txt 0.10 jpb.forth An application of validation of screen saver software presented here.

outil_can.txt0.10jpb.forthA tool to transmit and scan the CAN buses.

The use of an application requires to follow the following procedure:

  • Downloading of the file source in the FLASH memory by XMODEM protocol, example:
    XMODEM_RECOIT " . / APPLICATIONS / JEUX / tetris.txt "
  • When the file source is stored in the FLASH memory, i is enough to compile it, example:
    CF" ./APPLICATIONS/JEUX/tetris.txt"
    then to launch application by typing the name, example:

When the file source of the application is stored in the FLASH memory, one can launch this last one automatically by modifying the file"LANCE".

It is enough to add a line to the end of this file as for example:




Application will be so available in the next system starting up.

To complete this table, do not hesitate to send your applications in the mailing list under shape of file of text without accentuation.

Screen savers

Screen shot
etoiles.txt 1.00 jpb.forth
lignes.txt 1.00 jpb.forth
surfaces.txt 1.00 jpb.forth
novaes.txt 1.00 jpb.forth
polygones.txt 1.00 jpb.forth
veille.txt 0.50 jpb.forth
puzzle.txt 0.50 jpb.forth
bruit.txt 0.50 jpb.forth

Desktop themes


Screen backgrounds

To decorate the screen background, here is some images. These images have to be in 256 colours GIF format by using the following palette: palette.bin. Do not use too big images to do not saturate the system memory.