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Images of EIA-FR's laboratory

Images of LF's laboratory

Graphic interface videos

Here is some videos allowing to give you an idea of the FORTH core graphic interface:

FORTH lesson



Memory edition

XMODEM transfer


Text edition

Tasks and memory

(these videos has been realized with the software Jing)

Images of EIA-FR's laboratory

Here are some images of laboratory dedicated to the FORTH core from University of Applied Sciences of FRIBOURG.

(Click images to obtain from it an increase)

Ivan MODOLO's office



Various sights of the system with VGA screen . 



The card and the VGA interface. 



The extensions for applications. 


Images of LF's laboratory
 Here are some images of LF's laboratory.
Modifications made on the Swiss card with the addition of the interface VGA.
First tests with random drawing software.
The FORTH kernel and the multi windowing management in action.