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Dialogue terminal

MAC OS Classic
Unix (X11, MAC OS X, Linux)


The FORTH kernel used in this web site is conceived to pu into dialogue with a terminal window (VT100 if possible) through a serial RS232 link connection in 9600 bauds with 8 bits words , 1stop bit, no parity or of hardware or software stream management. This terminalwindow must also be able to give access to a protocol XMODEM file transfer function.

It is necessary so to have a host computer with a text editor to write softwares and a serial link management terminal with XMODEM protocol files transfer possibility to download and to finalize softwares. And it is all you need because FORTH integrates an interpraetor and a compiler.

This page presents so software packages being able to be used on the 3 more important platforms of the computer world.


On Windows, several text editors can be used as NOTEPAD or WORDPAD. The terminal software is HYPERTERMINAL of which here is a graphic representation:

MAC OS Classic

With MAC OS Classic, one can use APPLEWORKS5 software which integrates several features of which a text editor and a communication software. On the new MAC, it will be necessary to have a converter USB/RS232 converter as that of to KEYSPAN.

Here is a graphic representation of a APPLEWORKS5 terminal window :

Unix (X11, MAC OS X, Linux)

Coming to switch under MAC OS X with my own iMAC and desirous to converse with my FORTH kernel withou being forced to switch on MAC OS Classic, I turned to good accoun the fact that this new system works under UNIX and so elaborated a software connecting a terminal window on a seral link RS232.

This software is formed with 3 files:

  • rs232.c containing C code source,
  • rs232 containing schell script,
  • rs232.cfg containing software configuration.

WARNING: The name of the downloaded files is different from the one that is indicated here to facilitate their wiewing in the web navigators. It will so be necessary to rename them as indicated in this page.

3 files must be copied in the same directory. " rs232 " file must beedited) to replace strings " / chemin/.. / " by the chosen directory way. It is enough then to launch " sh rs232 " in a UNIX system terminal window . The file " rs232.cfg " file is automatically updated according to information collected during the software progress.

Here is a graphic representation of what one obtains under MAC OS X: