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The goal is to realize a version of this web site real time FORTH kernel adapted to the MICROCHIP 16 bits processors availables in a lot of boards in the market.

The main features are the following:

  • FORTH 16 bits data stack corresponding to the processors random memory data bus width,
  • real time kernel with a 1 millisecond time base using the TIMER1,
  • using of IDLE mode for consumption optimization,
  • dialogue with RS232 interface using the UART1 programed at 115200 bauds, 8 bits data, 1 stop bit, without parity with flux control by XON XOFF protocol,
  • applications compilation directly in the FLASH memory by using the one word programmation,
  • one kernel version for each of PIC24F, PIC24FJ, PIC24HJ, PIC24EP, dsPIC30F, dsPIC33FJ and dsPIC33EP.
The size of the FLASH memory must be 24 KiloBytes at least (8192 instructions).

Some internal registers of the processors are reserved for the FORTH kernel and used as following:
  • W0 is the top of the data stack,
  • W14 contains the pointer to the second word of the data stack,
  • W15 contains the return stack pointer.
If other registers are used, there are first saved in the return stack then reloaded after use.

Dialogue with the card makes by using a VT100 terminal window of the host computer host.

The FORTH kernel installation needs the use of a programming tool. Software packages  can be then added by simple text file downloading via a RS232 terminal.